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4221 Extractor K-Swap Exhaust Header

4221 Extractor K-Swap Exhaust Header

For K20 Engine swap into Honda Civic- 92-00/94-01 Integra

Price - RM1280

K-swap header (4-2-2-1) is designed to maximize the engine's spent exhaust gas and broaden its powerband increasing horsepower and torque throught out the engine's RPM range.

This 4-2-2-1 header is constructed out of 16-gauge, T304 stainless steel and features equal-length, mandrel bent tubing. The CNC machined flanges and piping are hand TIG welded for additional strength and reliability.

The K-Swap exhaust header is designed to fit 92-00 Honda civic / 94-01 Integra with K20 or K24 engine swaps

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