Ahad, 25 September 2016

Blitz Relocation Oil Cooler Adapter

Blitz Relocation Oil Cooler Adapter
** Honda & Mitsubihsi - RM 330
** Toyota / Nissan / Mazda / Ford - RM 380
Shop Location :-

Rs Racing Motorsports 
No 36 Japan Sierra 3,
Pusat Komersial Sierra Maharani,
84000 Muar.Johor

Tel : - 017 7523019
We sell spare parts and performance accessories such as Turbo System, Extractor & Piping System, Camshaft, Piston, Racing Clutch, Engine Bearing, Radiator, Intercooler, Fuel Pump, Meter, Adjustable Suspension & Spring, Racing Seat, Etc
We also sell branded products like CP Piston, Wiseco, ARP, King Bearing, ACL Bearing, Forged Racing, Exedy Clutch, Works Engineering, AVS, Ultra Racing, GAB, BC Racing, HWL.

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