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Supports Direct Coil, Distributor and Wasted Spark
Tuning up / down the nozzle oil directly.
K.INJ (nozzle oil compensation)
Oil-leveling -100% to + 150% resolution 0.01% average auto tuning
Every 2 rounds of engine cycle (combined -100 to 300%)
Tuning the ignition degree +100 degrees to -100 degrees, resolution 0.1 degree
There are 2 Mode Tuning and 1 Mode Off.
Supports TPS MONSTER (butterfly valve release box) *
Supports I-Vtec Control *
Supports Traction Control *
Supports Rev Limit Control *

There are 3 types of RPM Range.

3D table with both oil and ignition degree
24x32 MAP tuning table
24x32-gauge oil-based schedule
24x 32-channel accelerator pedal table
Tuning table with 24 × 32
Tune the ignition timing scale with a 24 × 32 throttle.
Close Loop
Engine Timing Table
Acceleration Enrichment Schedule Tune the oil while bumping the throttle.
Decelerator (Backfire)
Rev Limit function
Anti Lag (turbo lag function)
Flat Shift function (change gear without lifting the accelerator)
Pit Limit function (speed limit)
NOS (Automatic Nose Injection)
Vtec control function
Speed ​​unlock function
Lock Index Function
Show Duty Nozzle Percentage
Tacho Out (per cycle engine)
Box size 66x114x26 mm

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