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HKS M-Series Super Fire Racing spark plugs are high performance Iridium plugs designed to Handle
advanced levels of tuning and provides Improved ignition performance, durability and anti-carbon build up.

M-Series Super Fire Spark Plugs feature.

1. 0.6mm Iridium Alloy Center Electrode
Iridium Alloy Center Electrode reduces voltage requirement as well as improving ignition performance and durability.

2. Outer Electrode with Platinum Chip.
The Outer Electrode incorporates a square platinum chip which improves durability, and when combined with the
iridium center electrode boosts ignition performance.

3. Short Type Outer Electrode (Anti-Vibration)
The Outer electrode has been shortened and engineered with the ideal shape to decrease weight for resistance
against vibration. This anti-virbration design improves longevity of the outer electrode.

4. Thermal Edge.
After long idling or various combustion conditions carbon buildup can occur causing misfires. The Thermal Edge 
of the ceramic insulator will discharge to help decrease carbon deposits.

5. Spark Support Gap.
Discharges will occur in the Spark Support Gap (space between the tip of insulator and the base of the outer electrode)
to help prevemt carbon buildup.

The Iridium alloy is used because of its durability and reliability. 
On an average plug, a narrow core typically shortens life span of plug but with the intense durability of iridium
there is no sacrifice in any longevity. With a high melting point
of 2454 degrees C, opposed to the 1769 degrees C of white gold, the electrode can tolerate the high levels of 
compression and minor knocking without any deterioration. 
A nickel coating on the housing also prevents the spark plug from premature deterioration.
The Iridium plugs are available for multiple applications and offered om ''colder'' heat ranges of 7 and up and 
specifically for rotary, heat ranges of 9 and up are offered.

Heat Range Conversion Chart.
25 16 5
30 20 6
35 22 7
40 24 8
45 27 9
50 31 10
52.5 32 10.5
55 34 11
Above information is just for reference.

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